Russel Albert Daniels (b. 1974) is a American documentary photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Daniels work concentrates on Native American resilience, identity, and attempts of erasure. His projects about Two Spirit, Bears Ears, MMIW, and Standing Rock have helped bring forward critical conversations from Indian Country. Daniels’ work is also an act of self-discovery of his Diné, Ho-Chunk, Mormon settler, and European heritage. 

He says of himself, “I’m an indigenous western mutt and a sixth generation Utahan. I descend from a 19th century Navajo slave child, polygamist Mormon frontiersman, Danish and English settlers, and a French/Ho-Chunk boarding school teacher. I grew up assimilated, sort of, in the Mormon suburbs of Salt Lake City.” 

Daniels self-publishes limited edition artist books. Daniels has exhibited in both solo and group photography shows in Utah, Montana, and California. He uses large and medium format film cameras and traditional black and white darkroom practices as well as digital cameras, printers and scanners. Daniels’ photojournalism and editorial portraits have accompanied stories in local, national, and worldwide newspapers and magazines. He has a BA in photojournalism. 

His work has appeared in High Country News, Gizmodo, Native Voices, Elsevier, Link TV, SLUG Magazine, Elsevier, Gizmodo, The New York Times, Washington Post, Latino USA, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Associated Press,, The Bay Citizen, Salt Lake City Weekly, NPR, MSNBC.

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Photo by  Jonathan Canlas